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Pavement Accident Claims

Slips and trips on pavements are quite common and they can occur due to numerous reasons.  While it is true that pavement accidents usually results in minor injuries or no injuries at all, there are times when victims suffer serious injuries.  Pavement accidents can result in injuries such as broken bones, sprains, concussions and deep lacerations.  Although very rare, pavement accident can also result in head and spinal injuries which can lead to permanent disabilities and even death.

Slips and trips on pavements can leave victims with permanent scars or ongoing pain and suffering.  They may require the victims to undergo corrective surgery which can result in huge financial losses.  If you have sustained injuries as a result of a pavement accident that was not your fault, it may be possible to make pavement accident claims.

Slips and trips on pavements can cause a range of injuries and losses.  Together with pain and discomfort, they can even restrict the victim’s ability to work for a considerable length of time.  This means that in addition to financial losses such as medical expenses and prescription costs, the victim will also have to suffer as a result of loss of earnings which can affect him and his family members as well.

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