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Common Causes Of Car Accidents

Thousands of people get involved in car accidents every year in the UK. There are a number of causes of car accidents and a shocking thing is that most of these can be avoided. Let us look at some of the most common causes of car accidents.

Drinking And Driving – a large number of people tend to get behind the wheel drunk. Although it is illegal to drink and drive, there are still many people who risk their lives as well as those of other road users by not following road safety rules.

Speeding – over speeding is another common cause of car accidents. The difference is that in most cases, over speeding results in more serious or fatal car accidents.

Rubbernecking – a number of car accidents also take place when drivers slow down their cars to watch what is going on the other side of the road.

Mobile Phones – talking on mobile phones while driving can cause serious accidents. In fact, it is estimated that people who make use of mobile phones while driving are four times more likely to get involved in a car accident.

Distractions – looking at scenery, trying to discipline the kids or looking at animals beside the road often causes accidents and injuries.

Changing Radio Stations – changing radio stations and inserting CDs whilst driving causes accidents which could have been prevented.

Poor Weather Conditions – when the weather condition is bad, obstacles and road markers are hard to see. Moreover, it can be hard to drive on the road which is covered with snow or when there is heavy rain. For this reason, it is advisable to drive very slowly under such conditions and maintain long stopping distances.

Recklessness – reckless drivers are those who over speed and change lanes excessively. They do not realise that their recklessness can result in serious injuries and accidents.

Highway defects – defects on the road such as potholes, visual distractions, water pooling and uneven pavement can cause car accidents.

Making Car Accident Compensation Claims

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