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What To Do Following A Motorbike Accident

Know what you should do if you have been involved in a motorbike accident? Motorbike accidents are similar to any other type of road traffic accidents and the steps that you need to take following the accident are similar as well. If you ride a bike on a regular basis, you must know clearly what actions you need to take in the aftermath of a motorbike accident. Read on to find out more about what to do following a motorbike accident.

Report the accident to the police – filing a police report is essential and if you have been involved in a motorbike accident, you must wait at the accident scene for the police to arrive. Moreover, this will also help the police establish who was at fault. If you leave the accident scene, it may be difficult to prove liability later on.

Don’t make any comments – in most cases, people tend to negotiate with the others involved in the accident, apologise and even accept blame without even knowing who was at fault. Later on, the same people deny their negligence when it comes to making motorbike accident compensation claims. The best thing to do in the aftermath of the accident is to avoid making any comments.

Get your version of events – make sure that your version of what happened and how it happened is recorded in the accident book. Also ensure that you report your injuries, whether they are major or minor.

Obtain contact details – contact details of the driver of the vehicle and witnesses present at the accident scene are important.

Obtain other essential details – also ensure that you obtain the registration number of the vehicle involved in the accident as well as the insurance company details. Other important details to obtain include driver’s licence number, make, model and colour of the vehicle, road conditions, weather conditions, etc.

Seek medical attention – it is important to document your injuries by seeking medical attention. Even if your injuries are minor, you must get them examined and obtain medical reports. Also, make a note of all the physical symptoms that you experience after the accident.

Preserve evidence – you must retain all receipts and preserve all evidence so you are able to make a strong motorbike accident compensation claim. Essential evidence can include photographs of your injuries and the accident scene, medical bills, details of treatment received, police statements, witness statements, etc.

Seek legal advice – motorbike accidents can give rise to motorbike accident compensation claims if it occurred due to no fault. If you have been involved in a motorbike accident, we can help you recover compensation for the pain and losses you have suffered.

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