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London NHS facing big payout

02/01/12: A £300k compensation claim has been made against the NHS after a biker loses his leg due to reportedly being elevated incorrectly.

Jonathan Griffiths, aged 34, had his right leg shattered when he and his bike were involved in a serious road traffic accident. The biker was admitted to the Royal London Hospital in July 2009 to have his leg operated on.

During the procedure the left leg was elevated while his right leg was being treated, but an artery was blocked in the left leg and a significant amount of tissue died; this led to the left leg amputation.

The biker is now putting in a claim for medical negligence against the Barts and London NHS trust, according to the London Evening Standard.

Mr. Griffith’s legal team have said that the left leg should have been massaged and not elevated during the operation in order to prevent the artery from blocking. A pulse monitor would have also prevented the amputation.

The NHS trust has declined to comment on the case to protect patient confidentiality, but the newspaper has reported the claim is worth up to £300,000.