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Blackspot Plan to Reduce Number of Crashes

New road safety procedures are used in the borough to reduce the number of road traffic accidents occurring on Wigan’s highways.

In order to reveal the most dangerous areas where majority of the accidents take place, detailed audits have been produced.  As the Wigan council aims to reduce the number of casualties taking place, people now have the choice to view information online.

A report that was produced before the Wigan Council’s Economy, Environment, Housing and Culture Scrutiny Committee said that developing casualty audits for every ward will enable to see what is happening in detail so that suitable interventions can also be developed.

The strategy put into place by Wigan’s road safety committee aims to bring down the number of accidents taking place on Borough’s roads.  For each ward, there are five officers who have been appointed and these road safety officers will work with the community leaders and the head teachers to reduce road traffic accidents.

When comparing road accidents statistics for the previous five years, there has been a significant decrease in the number of road accidents in Wigan.  In 2005, there were 917 accidents that were reported and in 2009, there were 624.  A decrease of 32% in road accidents was achieved.

The Road Safety Forum of Wigan was introduced to bring down the number of casualties and accidents on its roads.  Apart from holding regular meetings, the road safety forum also hosts events and activities so they can enforce road safety.

Mark Tilley, Head of Highways said that road safety can be achieved by a strong partnership and for this reason experts in cycling, driving, traffic, health and other areas need to work together to help make the roads safer.