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fine for BDW trading

06/12/11: A builder has received a hefty fine after a young boy sustained serious injuries due to wooden roof trusses falling on him.

Several young boys were playing during April 2009 when they entered an unsecured storage unit near Paisley. The construction development was almost finished at the time of the accident and some families had already moved into completed houses whilst construction continued on others.

The boy who was injured was living in one of the finished houses and whilst he and the other boys were playing in the unit, some trusses fell and trapped him beneath them.

Two neighbours came to the rescue and were able to lift the trusses and allow him to escape, his father immediately took him to Paisley hospital but the injuries he had sustained were so serious that he needed to be transferred to a Glasgow hospital.

In addition to internal bleeding and a liver injury, the boy has subsequently developed several anxieties relating to the incident including poor concentration and nightmares.

A HSE investigation revealed that the building site was only partially secured and had large openings to the side and rear meaning that it could be accessed easily. Furthermore the investigation revealed that the trusses were stacked in an upright position, making them much more unstable and increasing the likelihood of them falling over.

Paisley Court was told that when HSE attended the site the construction company did not know that a child had been involved in an accident at the site. A notice was issued stating that the site and store should have adequate barriers to prevent any further access by unauthorised people.

A HSE inspector commented after the hearing that the firm knew that families including children were living in close proximity and therefore safety should have been their primary consideration.

Had straightforward measures been carried out, the children would not have got in and this young boy would not have sustained life-threatening injuries.

BDW Trading was fined £20K after pleading guilty to breaches of H&S legislation.