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Building Firm Director Fined For Unsafe Work Practices

A Nottingham building firm director has been ordered to pay a fine of £2,400 with an additional £1,585 in costs for unsafe work practices on an asbestos cement roof.

Russell Lloyd’s building firm, Lloyd Home Improvements Ltd had been hired to do roofing work of a factory in Lenton, Nottingham so that solar panels could be installed.

In a hearing, Nottingham Magistrates Court was told that the HSE had received two complaints about the company from members of the public.

Upon visiting the factory in February 2012, the HSE found out that the company practiced unsafe work.  The HSE Inspector observed that unsafe work was being carried out near a number of unprotected fragile rooflights.  In addition, workers were neither making use of safe platforms nor harnesses to prevent them from falling.  The HSE also found out that the edge protection was incomplete and poorly erected.

The company was ordered to halt work immediately and was served two Prohibition Notices.

Few weeks later, it was revealed that there had actually been an accident on the site which involved a worker falling through one of the skylights.  However, the director of the company, Mr Russell denied it and did not provide any information about the accident, the accident victim or any person who had witnessed the accident.

36 year old Russell Lloyd admitted to breaching Work at Height Regulations and Health and Safety at Work Act.