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Car Parts Manufacturer Fined Over Crane Accident

Mitras Automotive (UK) LTD was prosecuted by HSE following a crane accident which was caused by an overload.  A 31 tonne load fell from an overhead crane at the company’s factory in Winsford on the 21st of May, 2009 and crush the leg of an employee.

Andrew Burrell, 43 was working the night shift with two other employees when chains on the crane gave way.  Mr. Burrell’s left leg was crushed when the crane’s hook fell on it.

As a result of the personal injuries suffered at the workplace, the victim has had a metal rod placement in his leg.  The other two workers suffered no injuries.

Investigations carried out by the HSE revealed that the chains were designed to lift only17 tonnes at the maximum.  The crane was rated at just 27 tonnes.

The company admitted that there was a breach of health and safety legislation.  It also admitted failing to take care of the health and safety of workers at the workplace.  Chester Crown Court fined the company £20,000 and a further £8,792 was to be paid as prosecution compensation costs.

According to an HSE investigation inspector, the work accident in which Mr. Burrell was injured was completely avoidable, but the consequences could have been even more severe.

He also said that the company required that loads to be lifted over the lifting capacities regularly.  According to him, lifting capacities are there for a reason and it is to make sure that workers are not put at a risk of accidents and injuries.

Manufacturers who make use of overhead cranes should make sure that they do not put the safety of workers at risk.