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Payout for botched hip surgery

17/10/11: A grandmother from Coventry has won £100k compensation following a botched operation on her hip.

Maggie Peabody, 51 was admitted into a Rugby hospital for a routine operation on her hip after she developed osteoarthritis.

Before the operation staff advised Mrs Peabody that the surgery was routine and had been performed many times previously, however after the operation, she was advised that the surgeon had severed the sciatic nerve accidentally.
As the effects of the general anaesthetic began to wear off, Mrs Peabody became aware that she was unable to feel anything in the right leg; she has since been advised that this may be a permanent condition.

Following legal advice, Mrs Peabody submitted a claim for negligence compensation and has been awarded £100k in damages from the Trust. The money will help toward paying for adapting her accommodation and any care costs she may have in the future.

A spokesman representing Mrs Peabody’s legal team has commented that there is no excuse for mistakes during the surgery and adequate precautions should have been in place to protect the nerve.

Further to an investigation the Trust concluded that the standard of care in the hospital was below the standards which patients expect.

The surgeon who carried out the operation no longer works for the Trust.