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Award for injury footballer

25/10/11: An amateur footballer has been awarded more than £20k in compensation following an injury sustained during a match.

Paul Zoledziejewski who is 33 and from Norland, near Halifax was playing at Shelf Hall when he got his foot stuck in a hole and seriously damaged ligaments in his knee. The injury brought his footballing career to an early end.

Local press has reported that Dewsbury Court have awarded Mr Zoledziejewski £22k in damages, however, Calderdale Council have appealed and escalated the matter in to a legal battle.

An appeal Court judge said that due to the potential and considerable ramifications to other amateur sports, the case should be referred to the Appeal Court.

The original Judge from Dewsbury commented that the pitch was dangerously compromised with defects such as divots, holes as well as tyre tracks after the Shelf Gala event had taken place.

Mr Zoledziejewski advised the local newspaper that he had to finish playing football following the accident and he will probably need a knee replacement at some point in the future.

A date hasn’t yet been set for the future hearing which will be heard by 3 judges.