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Aunt Bessie’s chips chips tooth

04/01/12: A Leeds woman has received more than £2K in compensation, after she bit into a hard object inside an oven chip.

Susan Stapylton who is 62 and from the Richmond Hill area was eating some Aunt Bessie’s chips when she bit into the object and a filling from one her teeth fell out.

Local press is reporting that the wisdom tooth filling had only recently been fitted and could not be replaced immediately as she was waiting to have surgery for the removal of polyps in her nose which were affecting her ability to breathe through her nose.

Aunt Bessie owners, Heinz initially offered Mrs Stapylton a £5 voucher but following legal advice, she was awarded £2200 as compensation.

Mrs. Stapylton has told the paper that the object could have easily caused a young child to choke, if it had become lodged in their throat.

A Heinz spokesperson has said that this was a one-off incident and product quality and customer safety is of the utmost importance to the company.