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Man informed broken neck was whiplash

06/11/11: A man from Warwickshire has won compensation after a hospital told him that his broken neck was a whiplash injury.

Gary Rickard who is 43, was on the A5 between Atherstone and Hinckley when his tyre blew out, caused him to lose control of his car and crash into a tree.

Mr Rickard lost consciousness in the accident and the emergency services had to cut him out of the car before he was transferred to Coventry hospital by air ambulance.

Staff completed precautionary scans but advised Mr Rickard that he had not sustained serious injury and sent him home.

Following severe pain over the next 3 weeks, Mr Rickard was taken back into hospital for an intensive course of physiotherapy.

On his re-admittance, the original CT scan was looked at again and at this stage, the neck fracture was spotted. Medical notes show that Mr Rickard had only previously been treated for whiplash.

Mr Rickard has subsequently endured 3 operations in order to repair the damage to his neck and the movement in his right hand is still severely restricted. His injuries have meant that he hasn’t been able to resume work as a heavy goods lorry driver.

The amount of compensation Mr Rickard has received from the hospital has not been disclosed but he is disappointed to have not yet received an apology.