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East Sussex County Council appeals against award

It is reported in the Hastings and St Leonard’s Observer, that 73-year-old great-grandmother, Irene Saville had an accident five years ago, tripping over uneven pavement in front of her home. She hurt her finger so badly that she required having physiotherapy for the following six months.

As she pushed along her baby great-granddaughter’s pram, she tripped over a hole in the pavement. This sudden jerk to the pram caused the baby to topple out, fortunately caught by her great-gran before she hit the pavement. However, the sudden strain of catching the baby in time, caused Mrs. Saville injury; grazing to her neck and both hands. In particular, the one finger bent out of its regular shape.

She sought compensation from East Sussex County Council for her injuries, and in February, a hearing ruled in her favour, with the judge stating that due to the condition of the pavement at the time, accidents were bound to occur.

Irene Saville was awarded £5,000 compensation, which she was supposed to receive in March 2012.

The East Sussex County Council however has decided that it intends appealing the former decision.