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Tooting hospital dealing with negligence claim

Parents, Saima Fiaz and Saqib Thandi from Upper Norwood, London, hope to get legal compensation because a caesarean section birth caused post-traumatic stress disorder.

While Mrs Fiaz was attempting a natural birth at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, she suffered a ruptured uterus and then needed a caesarean section birth for the delivery of her son.

Their son entered the world in a pale and floppy condition and the hospital informed the couple that they thought that their son had brain damage. The baby however made a full recovery, but the couple both suffered psychologically and developed post traumatic stress disorder and depression.

The London Evening Standard reports that the couple are now sueing St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust for compensation of £100,000, claiming that the birth had been mismanaged.

Mrs Fiaz bore her first child three years before by emergency c-section, and said she felt she should have been informed of the risks for her to attempt a subsequent natural birth. She said if she had known, she would automatically have had a caesarean. She also objected that the hospital left her solely in the care of a student midwife during her labour.

The NHS Trust is reported to be defending the claim and the case is still ongoing.