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15/02/12: Claims to be fast-tracked

Britons who are injured in car accidents or workplace incidents may soon be benefitting from quicker compensation.

The government has issued a statement to say that it will increase the claims limit from £10K to £25K which will lead to faster pay outs for up 55K people each year as it is anticipated that 97% of claims will be able to be settled via the fast track system.

A time limit introduced in 2010 has imposed a strict time limit for legal representatives and insurers to establish liability by standardising claim forms and setting legal costs.

Another scheme has been introduced which relates to public liability claims and workplace injuries.

The CEO of ABI insists that the government must press on with the long overdue and wide ranging reforms to civil litigation to ensure a cost efficient system for claiming compensation.

The reforms coincide with other measures designed to improve family law and legal aid processes.