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Superbug compensation costs NHS £10million

Successful compensation claims paid out to hospital patients infected by bugs during the last year would have been enough to fund 600 cleaners.

The NHS total bill was over £10m, which is enough to pay for a small army of domestic assistants at ~£15k per year.

The number of payments has trebled following infections in hospitals such as C. difficile and MRSA.

Their litigation department advised that there were 93 claims with an average pay out of £70k.

A spokesperson for the campaign group Patient Concern, commented that the NHS may as well have thrown the money down a drain. She went on to say that we need a system which reveals, which hospitals are paying out big damages, and which payments are associated with low cleaning bills. Once the public has this information, the message may get through.

A negligence lawyer specialising in medicine said that claims are not just about the money, going on to say that clients also want an explanation in relation to what happened as well as an apology.

A Health Minister said that C.Difficile and MRSA had reduced by almost 17% and 30% respectively during the last year but that the NHS cannot rest until all avoidable infections have been eradicated in every hospital.