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Tour Operator Pays Out Compensation

A couple has been awarded a large compensation payout after they suffered from a serious illness whilst on holiday.

The couple, Scott and Leanne Beasant, were on holiday in the Maldives for two weeks and were staying at the Summer Island Village Hotel. However, a few days after they arrived they suffered from a violent illness after they sustained salmonella poisoning, which is caught from a bacteria that grows on undercooked food.

As a result of the salmonella poisoning, the couple were only able to reside in their hotel room for the entire trip. The only time any of them left the room was to go to the hospital. It was reported that Mr. Beasant sustained significant weight loss of 21 pounds in just five days.

The Metro reported that the Beasant family pursued a holiday illness claim against their tour operator. The settlement was negotiated and amounted to about £10,000. This was gained after their legal team managed to communicate that the Summer Island Village Hotel was in fact very dirty, had no running water, and had served the couple food that was undercooked, which had meant that the Beasant family had had a negative experience that would last them a lifetime.

The tour operator commented on the incident, through a spokesperson, that their hotel fulfils all health and safety regulations outlined by the body that sets the regulations in the Maldives.