Injured in an accident that wasn't your fault?

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Fight for higher compensation

In June 1999, Joanne Dunhill aged 50, was crossing the A635 Doncaster Road, Barnsley, when she was struck by a motorcycle. As a result of the accident, she sustained lie-changing personal injuries, in respect of which she sued the insurers of the motorcyclist and received an agreed settlement of £12,500.

However, Mrs Dunhill elected to appeal to the Courts to have her case re-opened. The Judges of the Court of Appeal in London ruled that at the present time, the settlement figure would be at least between £800,000 – and over £2 million.

Submissions to the Court included the fact that previously, Mrs Dunhill had been incapable of issuing proper instructions regarding her claim. In the opinion of the Court when granting her appeal, her claim would not have been settled for such a limited amount if she had been advised correctly. Mrs Dunhill should have been made aware that she was losing a potential fortune.