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Fitness Factory Gym Pays Compensation

Compensation was awarded to a customer who injured themselves whilst using an exercise bike at a local gym.

Charlotte Brown was injured in July of 2011 during her spin-cycle class at the Fitness Factory Gym, Barnstaple, Devon, as the North Devon Journal reported.

Ms. Charlotte Brown had been participating in a spin-cycle class where a group exercises together with music and an instructor. However, a pedal on Ms. Brown’s exercise bike broke which caused her to fall off.

As a result of the fall, Ms. Brown had her finger broken which has supposedly had a significant impact on her work and social life. This is the second accident Ms. Brown has suffered from an exercise bike at the gym. Months before a fault on one of the exercise bikes meant that she sustained significant bruising.

Neither the North Devon Journal nor Ms. Brown has divulged exactly how much compensation was awarded as part of her successful gym accident claim.