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Fine for M.Hooper and Sons Ltd

Weymouth Magistrates Court were told how 47 year old Andrew James Ray while cleaning equipment at a dairy, had his left arm pulled between two contra-rotating rollers in a slurry separator, resulting in it being crushed from the hand to the elbow.

The accident occurred on the 2 January 2009 at a dairy owned by M. Hooper and Sons Ltd in Winterborne Tomson. It was alleged in court by the Health and Safety Executive that the system was used for cleaning the rollers but it was unsafe. This situation was created by the cleaning process, with a hose and hand brush, being conducted while the equipment was operating.

According to the HSE, the company was aware that it could put a worker ay risk of being injured. Although the machine was equipped with a self-cleaning device, this was not in a working condition and resulted in it having to be cleaned manually.

A plea of guilty was entered by M Hooper & sons Ltd of Winterbourne Zelston, Blandford, to breaching Regulation 2(1) of the Health and Safety of Work etc Act 1974. A fine of £9,000 was imposed with an order to pay £1,448 in costs.