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No-one hurt in Watford road crash

03/11/11: A four wheel vehicle driver has described a dramatic accident in which nobody was hurt despite the vehicle going into a spin and roll over.

AToyota Land Cruiser was involved in a collision with a Peugeot 308 at the junction of Vernon Road and Belmont Road in Watford on Wednesday 12th October around 1pm.

Neighbours have described hearing an extremely loud bang before going outside just in time to see Ryan Wantling getting out of the badly damaged Toyota which had come to rest on the driver’s side.

Mr Wantling can only recall a flash of blue and a huge smash, he then remembers that he was facing backwards with his head on the pavement.

A man who lives nearby ran to assist after hearing the crash from inside his house just a short walk away and commented that he knew exactly what had happened and the first thing he heard was the horn. It looked to him as though smoke was pouring out of the Peugeot but it was air bag dust.

The impact must have been enormous and it is very fortunate that nobody was on the pavement at the time.
Both cars were written off and the drivers were both badly shaken.

Neighbours rang 999 and assisted prior to the police, fire crew and paramedics arrived.