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Cyclist Awarded Compensation

A cyclist has been awarded compensation after they were hit by an old age pensioner with poor eyesight.

Christine Glennon obtained the cycle accident compensation after she was hit near Marlow, Buckinghamshire. The car which hit her and knocked her off her bicycle was being driven by an 89 year old female.

Following the accident, it was found that the female driver was not even legally allowed to drive as her eyesight level did not reach the minimum requirements set by the DVLA. The regulations state that drivers have to be able to read the numbers on a number plate from a minimum distance of 20 metres, however the driver could only manage to read from 4.87 metres.

Mrs. Glennon suffered a spinal injury which has left her confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of her life. The compensation she has been awarded was gained in a settlement with the driver’s insurance company outside of court. It’s been reported that the compensation will be used to find more suitable housing for Mrs. Glennon who has also called for compulsory eye tests for older drivers to prevent future accidents.