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Two teachers from Essex have been awarded compensation for workplace accident

Over the last 3 years, a total of £90,800 has been awarded to teachers and helpers hurt in accidents at work by the Essex County Council. 2 cases involved a payout of £55,000 for teachers who had slipped and fell over; the first case involved wrist damage, the second foot damage.

While Julie Young – the Essex county controller – admitted that compensation is often required in these cases, it is a shame that Essex County has to pay out such large sums of money for what many see as simply being careless. This precedes a large number of due compensation claims, which shall more than likely involve further payouts.

Teachers slipping on lunchboxes, and assaults during physical education are part of 8 cases currently in the process of being settled. Nothing was claimed for in 2010/2011 however, because of preventative measures taken to prevent accidents from happening.

A local spokesperson for the council stated that over 550 schools are insured in the area, and that there are low payouts when compared to the number of schools. She said that schools which do claim compensation often take preventative action afterwards, and spend the money in public sector health and safety services, and risk management. This has allowed the reduction of claims from three last year to zero this year, reducing legal costs to zero over the last 2 years.