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Facial Scarring Victim Awarded £55,000 Compensation

A hairdresser received a compensation of £55,000 after a boating accident in April 2008 left her with severe facial scarring.

Sinead McGlinchey, 23, suffered injuries to her face on the boat which was skippered by Lee McCaughan.

In a hearing, the judge said that the boat skipper practiced unsafe circling which resulted in the accident.  Mr Justice Maguire also mentioned that the presence of the girls in the boat may have tempted the skipper to show off and drive in an exciting way.

The court was told that the 23 year old hairdresser went to the Newferry for a surprise party after which she was supposed to go to Tenerife for a holiday and return to work.

It was during the evening when she boarded the boat which was skippered by Mr McCaughan together with four other girls.

On their way back, Mr. McCaughan started doing circles in the water.  According to Ms McGlinchey, the boat hit something in the water which caused her to be flung from her seat.

It is believed that she either hit a structure on the boat or a pole which caused facial injuries.

Mr. McCaughan denied liability and told the court that he did not drive dangerously.  He alleged that the girls were swapping seats and acted carelessly on the boat despite repeated warnings to stay seated.

However, according to the judge, his evidence was not convincing.  He ordered Mr McCaughan to pay £40,000 to the victim for scarring and an additional £15,000 for nasal fracture and neck injury.