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Fuchs Lubricants Pay Compensation After Four-Year Fight.

A lubricants company has been forced to pay out compensation after one of its workers was injured so badly that he had to undergo multiple operations.

Mr. Russell Scragg was the worker who was injured at the factory when he fell from a step whilst carrying a sample from one of the blending vessels. This led to him banging his knee on the vessel.

Originally, the 59-year-old received the diagnosis of a dislocated knee from his doctors, however the pain was so serious that he had to be taken to Congleton Hospital only a couple of weeks later. The hospital found that Mr. Scragg had actually chipped a bone in his knee.

The father of two, of Wallbridge Drive in Leek, was then forced to have an operation to repair the injury. But further injury was caused, as he then limped badly for a couple of years afterwards which led to him developing arthritis in his opposite knee.

His arthritis meant that Mr. Scragg had to go under the knife again. This time half the knee in his right leg had to be replaced, which will also have to be replicated on his left knee.

Mr. Scragg was also forced to quit going to the gym and playing sports such as football, cricket, and weightlifting.

As a result of these injuries, Mr. Scragg launched a personal injury claim against Fuchs Lubricants. This was a legal case which ended up lasting for four years.

The company was obliged to pay out £30,000 in compensation due to the dramatic impact on Mr. Scragg’s life and the fact that an anti-slip coating was not used on the steps – a breach of health and safety regulations.

It was these facts that led to the company paying out compensation after an out-of-court negotiation. Since the incident, Mr. Scragg was forced to quit his blending job of 24 years and move down to a lower level packing role.