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Fine for fair owner, Henry Evans

A fairground owner has received a fine after a twelve year old girl fell from off ride in Birmingham.

Birmingham Magistrates’ were told that the girl sustained a cut to her shin bone when she fell off a faulty ride. The girl was on the Tagada ride which lifts, spins and bounces riders when she fell through a gap in the gate barrier when it was at the maximum tilt of about 10 feet.

Although the accident happened more than 2 years ago, the wound has not yet completely healed and the girl still suffers from aches around the scar and throbbing in cold weather. She does not join in any sports where there is a risk of her leg being banged and is now frightened of fairground rides.

HSE investigators discovered that one of the horizontal rails in the gate barrier had not been in position for a number of months.

A HSE spokesperson has subsequently commented that the completely avoidable accident resulted in a child sustaining a serious injury. This isn’t just a spoilt afternoon out, a child has experienced prolonged suffering as a result of what happened.

It is imperative that fairground operators inspect rides every day before the public are allowed to use them. In this instance the gap had been there for a few months prior to the incident. The ride had obviously not been checked during this period and there is no excuse for such negligence.

Henry Evans of Bulwell was fined £1K and received a cost order for £2K after pleading guilty to breaching H&S legislation.