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London accident fraudster convicted

A driver who tried to claim compensation from Lambeth Council was convicted of fraud by magistrates of Woolwich Crown Court on February 22nd.

Mr. Junior McDonald who resides in Golding Terrace, Longhedge Street, Battersea mounted the pavement and collided with a bollard in Brixton’s Coldharbour Lane in January 2011 whilst attempting a three point turn in his BMW.

Claiming the accident was the council’s fault he sought compensation of £4,000. This was after he had received an insurance payout to cover the cost of repairs to his car. In his compensation claim, he told the council he had paid the repairs out of his own money providing a tampered with invoice to support his story.

Council officers first verified the positioning of the bollard was in order and then investigated Mr. McDonald’s claim and found sufficient evidence of a false claim.

Mr. McDonald pleaded guilty and received a fine of £1,000 as well as being ordered to pay costs of £500.