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Compensation Sought from Pilot

Orlando Rogers aged 26, a former Royal Marine, was a passenger in a vintage Tiger Moth aircraft which crashed after spinning out of control and crashing last May into a field near Whitehampton, Dorset. A claim has been launched by his family for compensation from the pilot reputedly in excess of £300,000.

The pilot, Scott Hoyle, from Broadstone in Poole, was allegedly performing aerobatics when the accident occurred. This was despite the fact that he had not received training for this skill nor permission from the co-owners of the aircraft.

A submission has been made, that he entered a loop with the aircraft at a height of about 1,400 feet. The recommended minimum height for this particular manoeuvre is 5,000 feet! He then lost control of the Tiger Moth, which went into a spin. A further contentious issue is that Mr. Hoyle had served in the armed forces and had commenced flying in 2008.

At the time of the accident, Mr. Hoyle had 210 hours flying time in any form of recognised aircraft and only 41 hours in a Tiger Moth.