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Claim against a Cambridgeshire Health Trust

25/11/11: A father is seeking compensation from the Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He claims his six year old daughter’s operation to amputate both legs was a result of negligence by staff at Peterborough District Hospital.

The girl, Miki Lin Gao, had to be sent to the hospital when she was ten months old as she was suffering from failure of multiple organs, septicaemic shock, and coagulopahy, which is a bleeding disorder. These conditions meant she had to have both of her legs amputated.

Peterborough Evening Telegraph reported Hou Chun Lin is expecting to claim for medical negligence compensation on behalf of his daughter based on the belief the operation could have been avoided had hospital staff admitted her earlier.

Miki was originally taken to Peterborough District Hospital’s accident and emergency ward while suffering from a skin infection. The hospital, however, refused to admit the child and then told Mr. Lin to treat her with paracetamol at home instead according to a High Court writ which was supplied by the complainant.

Miki’s condition had reportedly worsened the next morning, so the girl was returned to the hospital by Mr. Lin. The girl was then sent home again, and it was on the third attempt that Miki was admitted into the hospital. Miki was then finally, diagnosed with septicaemic shock and multi organ failure that eventually led to the amputations.

Miki could have potentially made a full recovery if she had been admitted earlier with her skin condition according to the writ.

Legal action by the girl’s family had been taken according to a spokesperson on behalf of the trust. The litigation was ongoing so it was not considered appropriate to comment any further.