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Fault In Cot Leads To Baby’s Death

A baby boy died after he was trapped between the cot’s slats and the mattress as he slept.

The lifeless body of eight month old Ainslie Smith was found by his mother who had gone to check on him.  The incident took place in July 2009 at their home in Pitlessie.

According to 52 year old John Trinsi an independent safety expert, there was a design flaw which was responsible for the death of the baby.  He said that the fixing which held the side of the cot came away and this created a gap in which the baby slipped.

He further added that the death of the child was caused due to a safety defect with the cot and that the cot was a dangerous product.

In a hearing, the baby’s mother Mrs. Smith stated that she had to put in a lot of effort to pull the child from the space.  She and her husband who are both veterinarians attempted CPR, but unfortunately could not revive the baby.

The inquiry into the matter is still underway.