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Claim paid for police car RTA victim

While crossing Canal Street, Nottingham when out with friends on 25 February 2005, Rebecca Ann Smith, now 23, was struck by a police car. This resulted in brain damage, for which she claimed the amount of £2m compensation, originally denied her by the Nottingham County Court. They claimed she was responsible for 75% of the accident happening, as she was ‘the worse for drink’.

Ms. Smith was hit by a police car travelling at speed on its way to an emergency at the MFI store on Castle Boulevard. The accident was seen by many spectators who claimed Rebecca Smith was not drunk and that the speeding police car was to blame as it could quite clearly see her.

Ms Smith was thrown on to the cars bonnet on impact then landed up unconscious on the roof. Her head injuries were massive and included the fracturing of her skull.

Challenging the verdict with the Court of Appeal, argument by her legal team stated that the county court judge was wrong in his verdict of making Ms Smith mostly responsible for causing the accident and, for deciding that she was under the influence of liquor at the time of the accident.

The judges at London’s Court of Appeal have ruled that the police officer driving the car was two thirds responsible for the accident, for causing Ms Smith’s brain damage and Ms Smith compensation be assessed on a two thirds liability, which amounts to excess of £1m.