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Compensation claim unlikely to succeed:

A boating accident in Israel has led to a British holidaymaker losing part of her foot, despite major surgery.

Hemel Hempstead-based Jane Beirne was on a boating trip in Israel when the incident occurred. She fell off a pontoon with the resulting injury needing hospital attention, which cost her thousands of pounds.

The 57-year-old, who lives on Bayford Close, is estimated to be out of pocket by £10,000 as she failed to obtain proper travel insurance when she booked the holiday online.

In April 2010, Ms. Beirne was visiting some relatives when she was injured whilst on a pedalo in Ma-alot Tarshikha on Lake Monford. She commented that when she had finished on the pedalo she was attempting to climb on to a jetty when it started wobbling. She reported that she then lost her balance and landed in the water due to the lack of any hand rails.

However, when she looked down she discovered that her injury was that her heel was hanging off the back of her foot. Ms. Beirne is reportedly unsure of how the injury happened, but she is putting it down to a metal edge on the pontoon.

Ms. Beirne spent 10 days in hospital before moving to a nearby kibbutz to in order to recover from her surgery to reattach her heel; she remained at the kibbutz for four weeks.

She later contacted a legal firm however, they said that a claim would be unsuccessful. Although, a spokesman for a travel law team did comment that she had a relevant claim because the jetty was in bad condition, it would be almost impossible to pursue a claim in Israel. Without travel insurance, there is little chance of Ms. Beirne receiving any compensation.