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Rider injured in fall from horse to be compensated

18/11/11: A rider who was injured when a motorcycle collided with her horse is set to receive a compensation pay out for her injuries.

Michaela Devereux was on a ride in the New Forest in Hampshire when she was caused to fall off her horse as a result of a motorbike crashing into her. In October 2006, Mrs. Devereux was accompanied on a ride by her husband when the motorcycle approached them from the opposite direction.

According to Mrs. Devereux the rider of the bike lost control, the bike slid and ending up colliding with her horse. The horse bolted and threw his rider to the ground causing Mrs. Devereux a serious injury to her head.

The motorcyclist however, claimed there was no collision and that the horse bolted because it took fright.

The court found that the evidence was sufficient to conclude that a collision had in fact taken place and further suggested that the biker had been going too fast, thereby causing the accident.