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Ceramic Company Blamed for Workplace Deafness

John Tarns Group PLC, a company that used to manufacture ceramics in the Stoke-on-Trent region, closed the doors to their ovens, ceasing business in 2006, causing much unemployment in the area.

The Sentinel reported that a former employee, Adrian Ward had worked for the company for twenty years and that, due to the extreme deafening level of noise and sirens in the factories, suffered severe hearing loss. Mr. Ward now finds it difficult to hear other people speaking, unless they are actually facing him

Mr. Ward’s legal team fought battle with the insurers of the former company, stating a claim for industrial deafness, as they felt that the John Tarns Group PLC, were responsible for their client’s condition. After a long appeal process, Mr. Ward has now won his claim and been awarded £3,000.

Legally, employers are required to act to prevent workers hearing, from noise levels above 80 decibels.

Furthermore, it is thought that there are many more people entitled to claim compensation from excessive workplace noise. At the height of its production, the ceramic industry in Staffordshire employed as many as 70,000 workers and artists.