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De La Rue Settles Liability Out of Court

De la Rue Currency in Gateshead had Graeme Kelly in their employ for 34 years. He often had to use hammer drills that vibrate, along with other tools. In the beginning of his career, he did not have any protection against the strong vibration.

He reported to the Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette that about four years ago he began feeling tingling and pain in his fingers. He was subsequently diagnosed in 2009 with Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, which is also called ‘vibration white finger.’ Later this was changed to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, as he now suffered numbness and dexterity loss in his fingers.

Mr Kelly was then operated on to treat the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, however, he will remain with a permanent loss of dexterity.

It is reported by the paper, that through this condition he was forced into taking early retirement. He claimed successfully for hand arm vibration, but the amount settled on not revealed. The company settled out of court.