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Child Injury Claims And Trespassing

If your child wanders onto someone else’s property, the land owner has to ensure that the property is safe and risk-free. Children are often allured onto other’s properties when they see something attractive and are tempted to get closer to it. An allurement can be anything that exists on the occupier’s land which is attractive for a child and may be dangerous as well. If your child has trespassed onto someone’s property and has suffered injuries as a result of a dangerous condition, you may be eligible to make child injury compensation claims.

If a land owner is aware that a kind of allurement exists on his property which is dangerous, it is his duty to ensure that adequate measures are taken to prevent unauthorised access. Unlike adult trespassers, children do not understand the inherent risks of trespassing. For this reason, it is the responsibility of the land owner to take precautions in order to safeguard hazards which can attract children.

We Can Help You Make Child Injury Compensation Claims

If your child suffered injuries as a result of a dangerous condition while trespassing, you can get in touch with our solicitors today for more information on how to make a child injury compensation claim.

Although it is quite difficult to pursue a compensation claim against land owners, we can help you recover compensation if it can be established that the land owner had failed to take adequate measures to prevent children from trespassing the property.

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