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Child Injury Compensation Claim Process

Are you looking for information on how to make a child injury compensation claim? If your child has suffered injuries in accident due to no fault, you may be eligible to seek compensation through child injury claims. In the UK, the child injury compensation claim process is as follows:

1.Your child will be considered a child if he/she is under the age of 18.

2.A child injury compensation claim will be pursued by a litigation friend. Since a child cannot make a child injury compensation claim on his own, it is important for the parents, guardian or a close relative to act as a litigation friend.

3.It is important to prove liability. Just like any other type of accident claim, a child injury compensation claim can be made if it can be established that the child suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence.

4.Depending on the extent and severity of the injuries sustained, your solicitor will determine how much compensation your child may be able to recover.

5.You will need to attend a minor settlement hearing in court where the case will be concluded. The court will decide whether or not the compensation amount is sufficient for the child and how much your child injury claim should be worth.

6.The compensation amount will be invested in the court’s fund office and will be awarded to the child when he/she has reached the age of 18.

Legal Help With Child Injury Compensation Claims

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