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Climbing Frame Accident Compensation Claims

Climbing frames and other outdoor play structures are a popular attraction for children. But, it can be a hazard to them as well. The dangers associated with climbing frames vary depending on the height and depending on the different structures.

Since children are oblivious of the dangers of climbing frames, it is the responsibility of the schools to protect them during playtime. Teachers must provide constant supervision to children and give them warnings regarding the dangers.

If the frame is too high, it can prove too much of a risk in case of a fall. In addition to a high frame, if the surface beneath the frame is too hard, then the child can suffer broken bones easily. In any case, the school will be held responsible for the injury.

Even if the child was pushed off the frame by another child, it will still be the school’s responsibility. No matter what the circumstances are, here are some of the legal issues that you must look at before making a climbing frame accident compensation claim.

  • Was another child involved in the accident?
  • Was the climbing frame defective?
  • Was there constant supervision provided
  • Did the surface underneath the frame provide adequate cushioning?

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