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Types Of Facial Injuries

Accidents that result in injuries to the face can occur in a variety of ways.  They can be caused due to accidents at work, accidents on the road, to children in schools, in public places, on the streets, etc.

If a facial injury has been sustained due to the negligent act of another person such as due to the fault of a motorist which has resulted in a car accident, the victim could be entitled to claim facial injury compensation.

There are many different types of facial injuries which can be sustained when accidents take place.  However, the type of injuries usually depends on the type and seriousness of the accident.

Here’s a look at some of the common types of facial injuries.

Fractures – this can include fractures to the cheekbone, eye socket, nose and jaw.  It can occur in road accidents.

Wounds – this can include puncture wounds and deep lacerations which can be caused by sharp objects.  Grazes and abrasions can also be caused if the skin is dragged across an abrasive surface.  In most cases, facial wounds are caused in violent attacks and criminal assaults.

Burns – burn injuries to the face can be caused by chemicals, heat as well as defective cosmetic products and toiletries.  Exposure to chemicals can occur at work and injuries can be sustained if employers fail to provide adequate personal protective gear to workers who deal with dangerous chemicals.

Swelling and bruising – these type of injuries can occur during violent assaults and criminal attacks.  The facial skin is quite delicate and therefore it is easily damaged when there is an impact to the face.

Eye injuries – eye injuries sustained in accidents or when a foreign object enters the eye can be serious.  Welding is another common cause of eye injuries.  It is important to get eye injuries treated quickly because they can result in loss of sight and other complications such as infections if they are left untreated.

Teeth damage – road accidents, horse riding accidents, sports accidents and falls from heights are a common cause of teeth damage and mouth injuries.  Common injuries to the mouth can include injuries to the tongue, lips and gums.

Facial Injury Claims

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