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Types of Fatal Accident Compensation Claims

Have you lost a member of your family in a fatal accident? If yes, we can help you make fatal accident compensation claims. has a team of specialist solicitors who have vast experience in handling all types of fatal accident compensation claims. Read on to find out information on the types of fatal accidents for which you may be eligible to recover compensation.

Work Accidents Resulting in Fatalities – work accidents are quite common. Although workers sustain minor injuries in most cases, work accidents can also result in fatalities. Some of the common risks and hazards present at workplaces include slips, trips and falls, falls from heights, being hit by falling objects, forklift truck accidents, machinery accident, etc.

Road Accidents Resulting In Fatalities – each year, a large number of people become victims of road accidents. If you have lost a family member as a result of a fatal road accident that was caused by someone else, you may be eligible to recover compensation. Types of fatal road accident compensation claims that we have dealt with include:

Industrial Diseases and Accidents Resulting In Fatalities – there are a range of diseases which can be developed as a result of being exposed to harmful substances at the workplace. Some of the common industrial diseases include asbestos related diseases, mesothelioma, carbon monoxide poisoning. When preventative measures are not taken at the workplace to minimise exposure to hazardous substances, it can cause life threatening diseases.

Criminal Acts Resulting In Fatalities – when violent attacks are carried out, the victim usually sustain serious injuries. Criminal assaults can also result in death.

Sports Accidents Resulting In Fatalities – taking part in sports such as rugby and horse riding can be quite dangerous because these kinds of sporting accidents cause serious injuries and even death.

Making Fatal Accident Compensation Claim

If you have lost a member of your family in a fatal accident that was caused by another person, you can get in touch with our solicitors today for free legal advice and 100% free personal injury service. In addition, you will also be able to find out if you are eligible to make a fatal accident compensation claim on a risk free No Win No Fee basis.

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