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Common Causes Of Leg Injuries

Leg injuries can be sustained very easily, especially if you do plenty of running or a physical job.  Rain and icy weather can be potentially dangerous because they create risks of slips and falls.  If you suffer leg injuries and if someone else is to blame, you may be able to make leg injury claims.

Leg injuries which affect mobility can be sustained in many different ways.  Some leg injuries can affect mobility for couple of weeks while others can affect mobility for a considerable period of time.  In any way, it can have significant effect on the victim’s personal life and work.

There are many ways in which leg injuries can be sustained.  Some of the common causes of leg injuries include:

Accidents at work – if your job requires you to be on your feet for long periods of time, you may be at a risk of sustaining leg injuries.  Even if your job requires you to perform manual handling and heavy lifting tasks, you could sustain sprains, strains and crush injuries.  Slips and trips at work is a major cause of leg injuries.  Falls from heights which are extremely common in construction and building sites can also result in serious leg injuries.

Road accidents – car, cycling, motorbike, bus or pedestrian accidents can result in injuries to the leg. In some cases, people also have to suffer amputations when serious road accidents take place.

Slips and trips – slips and trips are not only common in workplaces.  They can occur anywhere such as in shops, restaurants, cinemas, pavements, roads, etc.  Such accidents are extremely common during icy weather.  However, they can also occur due to negligence such as failure to clean spillages and put warning signs in place.

Sports accidents – certain sports such as rugby and football carry risk of injuries, especially injuries to the leg.

Dog bites – dog attacks can result in a variety of injuries including serious bite injuries to the leg.

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