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Common Causes Of Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is a kind of injury which affects the soft tissues of the neck such as the tendons, ligaments and muscles.  They are mainly caused due to an abnormal force or motion applied to the neck which causes the neck to stretch beyond its normal range of motion.  Whiplash injuries should not be regarded as minor injuries because if they are not treated on time, they can take months to heal.  In some cases, whiplash injuries can result in further health complications such as permanent disabilities and other problems.  In addition to pain in the neck, head and shoulders, there are many other symptoms of whiplash.  Some of the common ones include fatigue, ringing in the ears, sleep problems, weakness, blurry vision, poor memory and poor concentration along with a number of other symptoms.

Whiplash can be caused under a variety of circumstances.  Here is a look at some of the main causes of whiplash injuries.

Car accidents – whiplash injuries are commonly sustained when car accidents take place, especially rear-end collisions.

Motorbike and cycling accidents – motorcyclists and pedal cyclists are quite vulnerable on the roads and with very little protection, they are prone to serious injuries when they get involved in road accidents.  These groups of people can sustain a variety of injuries when road accidents occur and whiplash injuries are among the most common.

Sporting accidents – sports related collisions and football tackles can sometimes result in whiplash injuries.

Horse riding accidents – a variety of injuries including whiplash injuries can be sustained when horse riding accidents take place.

Falls from heights – falls from ladders, raised platforms and scaffolding are common in construction sites.  When falls from heights occur, workers sustain a range of injuries including whiplash.

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