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Concern over stillborn deaths at Berkshire hospital

17/11/11: A specialist lawyer has requested an investigation be carried out into the care provided by midwifery team at a hospital in Berkshire.

Stephanie Forman, a solicitor specialising ine patient’s rights and birth trauma, has advised that she thinks that an investigation should be carried out following her team being contacted by a couple who had suffered a stillbirth earlier this year.

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous was admitted to the hospital and induced in May when, she says she endured a several horrific experiences.

She says that she was not monitored for hours on end and that midwives dismissed her concerns regarding her pain levels.

The baby was stillborn due to being starved of oxygen during the mother’s labour.

The solicitor has said that the couple subsequently received a letter from the hospital to apologise for the treatment they received; the letter also acknowledged that the level of care they received had fallen significantly below the accepted standard they should have been given.

Ms Forman commented that the couple’s lives have been destroyed by their baby son’s death, in such horrendous circumstances.

Although our investigations are still at an early stage, we can confirm that the family have requested our help to assist in establishing whether further could have been done to prevent his death.

Our concerns have been exacerbated following other calls from couples who have also delivered stillborn babies at the hospital.

A spokesperson for the Royal Berkshire Hospital has commented that patient care, experience and safety are their highest priority.

Resources and staffing have both been increased to reflect the higher birth rate; our aim is to focus on providing the best possible care.

We aim to continually improve the maternity services offered by liaising with GP’s, mothers, PCT’s and our own staff.
Even with the very best of care, all units will still have some unexpected still births.

Every single case is reviewed, very often at board level, to make sure that wherever there are lessons to be learnt, all required changes are implemented.”