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£21.4million in claims settled

22/02/12: The amount that has been paid out by NHS trusts in Kent has increased by more than doubled in the previous 7 years according to the Litigation Authority.

In 2004 the amount paid in compensation was £9.8m but by 2011 the figure had gone up to £21.4m.

The Health Department insist that most patients receive high quality care but a spokesperson commented that if they don’t receive the standard of care they are entitled to or mistakes are made with their care, it is correct that they are compensated.

The figures that have been published cover four separate trusts, East Kent, Medway, Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone and Dartford and Gravesham and Dartford.

Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone NHS Trust commented that a lot of claims take a very time to resolve and may represent cases from several years ago. The total amount is affected by one high value payment.

The value of claims has also grown because of the increase in no win, no fee legal practices attempting to recoup their costs.