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A woman from Plymouth miraculously escaped injury when a car ploughed into her burger van.

28/10/11: Nicola Wood was preparing for another day of business on an industrial estate in Plymouth, Devon when a car, lost control and crashed into the side of her wooden burger van. The van, known as “Linda’s Kitchen” was completely destroyed in the collision and wreckage was found up to 20 metres away.

Ms. Wood’s Mother, Linda, aged 53, was standing outside of the van at the time the Range Rover impacted.

Ms Wood explained she said that she was just about to turn the grill on, and was ready to open for business, but she found herself lying on the floor under a pile of splintered wood and various other pieces of debris. All she remembered was hearing an almighty crash before watching chip fat and gas canisters flying through the air. Ms. Wood managed to crawl free from the wreckage relatively unharmed and puts her lucky escape down to the fact that she was standing at the opposite end of the van to where the car hit.

The accident, which took place on Estover Industrial Estate, was thought to have been as a result of the 44-year-old male driver being blinded by the sun as he drove up to the burger van on the morning of 26th October 2011.

Amazingly, nobody was found to be injured and no hospital treatment was required for either Ms. Wood or the car driver.

PC Sarah Newall of Devon and Cornwall police stated that Ms. Wood was lucky to have escaped unharmed as the van had completely caved in on itself due to the impact. When asked about operator of the van, who was sitting inside the van at time, she could only say that she was very lucky to have missed the source of the impact by only a few feet.