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Birmingham Council forced to pay for injuries:

A man who was employed by Birmingham Council sued them for negligence after falling off a toilet, in just one of almost 300 cases which has been disclosed in an information request from local press.

It is thought that the council is one of the largest payers of compensation to employees with the claims adding up to almost £5m. A lot of the claims were as a result of slips and trips and some were due to employees not having adequate work training.
Other claims included an employee who was compensated after being exposed to asbestos and received more than £36K in compensation. Another worker who developed vibration syndrome was paid £11K in compensation.

A council spokesperson has told the newspaper that they handle about 100 claims from workers every year which is only a small proportion of the 48K people employed by the council. The welfare and safety of all our staff remains of paramount importance to the council and reviews are submitted following every accident.