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Wicksteed Park contests claim

At the end of May last year, 51 year old Mark Simpson went with 16 family members to Wicksteed Park for a day out. While there, he decided to go for a ride on the water-chute, which resulted in him sustaining a broken ankle, for which he is now seeking up to £250,000 in compensation.

The water-chute is 86 years old, and is a large, wooden boa, with passengers seated as it moves down a tramp into the lake, after which, it is winched back to its starting point. Reports show that during the ride carrying Mr. Simpson, the boat became stuck on the ramp and he was directed by the park staff to climb out from the boat. However, as he was doing so, the boat suddenly shifted, causing him to fall back into it.

As a result of the fall, Mr. Simpson sustained a broken ankle and damage to his knee, wrist and shoulder. A media report states that documents have been submitted to the Court, in respect of compensation in the region of £250,000.

It is reported that although Wicksteed Park has admitted liability for the accident, their insurers are contesting the amount of compensation claimed and further documentation has been submitted to the Court in respect of this.