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Exeter hotel sued for accident

24/11/11: A man has made a claim for compensation after he sustained a head injury when he fell down hotel steps.

David Atherley was visiting his partner at a Hotel in Exeter at the time of the accident. His partner, Kris Hewings was staying in a staff flat at the hotel where he was an assistant manager.

They had both been out for the evening and were returning home on 29 November 2009. When they reached the top of the outside steps, David slipped and fell, he hit his head on the concrete ground.

He sustained a serious head injury when he fell and has been left with permanent disabilities. David had emergency surgery to remove a piece of his skull immediately after the fall and subsequently had a metal plate fitted. His injuries have left him with concentration and memory problems; he has not been able to return to his job.

Local press is reporting that David is seeking compensation from the hotel and his lawyer is arguing that the steps – which formed part of an external fire escape – should have had a handrail fitted. They also say that the lighting in the area wasn’t working.

The case is ongoing.