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Fine for Proseal (UK) Ltd

A Macclesfield firm has been taken to court by the HSE following an employee losing two fingers in a piece of machinery.

The employee aged thirty four years old caught his right hand in the mechanism of a lathe spinning at 850 times a minute while polishing a piece of metal twelve centimetres long.

The accident on 24 March 2010 result in the employee having both his middle and ring fingers removed at the second knuckle.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecuted Proseal (UK) Ltd of the Adlington Industrial Estate. Proseal are manufacturers for the food industry of tray-sealing machines.

HSE discovered that the employee had been wearing gloves while doing lathe work.

The danger of risk of injury while wearing gloves when operating metalworking lathes is well known in the manufacture industry. Guidance was issued by HSE about twenty years ago, who at the same time advised against use of emery cloth for shining components of metal and furthermore that workers should not hold the cloth in their hands.

The worker, whose name is not revealed, comes from Stockport. He claimed he had no training about safety measures for polishing of aluminium machine parts.

Proseal (UK) admitted guilt of breaching the Health and Safety Act with being negligent in ensuring employee safety. They were fined £3,500 together with prosecution costs of £3,807 on 17 February 2012.

Pre-polished aluminium is now in use by Proseal (UK) as much as possible, together with some specially trained staff for touching up finished machine components when it is necessary.