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Michael Jackson’s Doctor found guilty

16/11/11: Dr. Conrad Murray, who was Michael Jackson’s personal physician, has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter by the Los Angeles jury.

The decision took a total a total of two days to be reached by a jury consisting of seven men and five women.

Michael Jackson overdosed on the powerful anaesthetic propofol on the 25th of June 2009, and Dr. Murray’s conviction means he can serve a maximum jail term of four years in addition to losing his medical license.

After the verdict was read there was a shout in the courtroom while the Jackson family wept quietly as it was read, along with an eruption of cheers and chanting from outside as reported by BBC reporter Peter Bowes.

LaToya Jackson said to the Associated Press news agency that Michael was looking over them and that the family was very happy with the decision.

Dr. Murray will be held in custody without bail until the 29th of November where he will hear his sentence.

The judge said that there would be no option of bail because Dr. Murray had significant ties outside of California which meant he couldn’t guarantee that the doctor would stay within the State.

As the verdict was read out, the doctor sat silently while shifting in his seat nervously.

Dr. Murray was then handcuffed by court officers as the judge read out the final announcements.

The jury was made up of one African American, five Hispanic people, and six white people who discussed the case from Friday until Monday.

Fans outside the court chanted guilty as the deliberation continued and before the verdict was announced.

The trial lasted six weeks in which a total of 300 pieces of evidence were presented and a total of 49 witnesses took the stand.

The star died in 2009 as he was preparing to make his comeback at the O2 arena in London after many years outside of the public gaze.

The basis of Dr. Murray’s defence was that the drug was taken by the star while Dr. Murray was out of the room.

The prosecution’s closing argument on the 3rd of November said that medical negligence had caused the death of the singer and had, as a result, deprived his children of a father and the world of a musical genius.

However, the Murray’s defence team asserted that Michael Jackson was a drug addict who had caused his own death by taking the propofol without Dr. Murray’s knowledge or consent.

The defence team did drop their argument that Jackson had drunk the propofol at his rented Los Angeles mansion half way through the trial.

Both the prosecution and the defence used a witness who was an expert on the drug.

It’s not illegal to administer propofol, but the prosecution claimed that Dr. Murray had committed medical negligence by not having the proper monitoring equipment.

Some of the more shocking moments of the trial included a slurred recording of Jackson talking about his upcoming concerts as well as a photo of the singer on a gurney after his death.